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Albergo Diffuso Ecobelmonte

Via Cavour, 32 - 87033 Belmonte Calabro (CS)

Tel. +39 340 3279035



Albergo Diffuso Ecobelmonte

Partly a house and partly a hotel… this is a new form of hospitality that takes the name of “Albergo Diffuso”. Its main components are distributed in different buildings, all located in the same village/town. This form of hospitality has showed to be very efficient for the valorization of towns and villages that are artistically or architecturally peculiar and interesting; through ads we can valorize old and dismissed buildings and, at the same time, we can avoid to solve the problems of hospitality only through the construction of new structures.
The typical medieval structure of Belmonte Calabro offers its inhabitants and visitors suggestive corners with houses leaning against each other, lining the streets (the famous Vichi) narrow and winding, stately homes that open onto small squares, and characteristic arabesque arches, roof gardens and steep steps that form a particular architectural game. In this beautiful location, some small houses anciently inhabited by fishermen and farmers were renovated (according to the principles of bioarchitecture and bio-construction) opening the doors to a lodging typical of “albergo diffuso”.
The Albergo Diffuso EcoBelmonte ads satisfy the tourists’ demand of stays in renowned and famous areas and towns, of contact with residents and local people rather than only with other tourists, and of the traditional comforts offered in hotels, such as room service or a restaurant.
Belmonte Calabro is located a few kilometers from the international airport of Lamezia Terme and his Albergo Diffuso besides a destination of certain charm is a convenient starting point to visit the whole region for the discovery of natural treasures of the national parks of the Sila, Pollino and Aspromonte… to the discovery of mysteries of the important and numerous archaeological sites in the area (the richest archaeological heritage of Europe is in Calabria)… to the discovery of mysticism of the fascinating religious itineraries tracked from the life of San Francesco di Paola, patron of Calabria and of the people of the sea… to explore the archaic and unique traditions of the many towns in the Albanian tradition, Occitan and grecanica… to discover the beautiful statues of the Riace bronzes… to discover a beautiful region full of ... MYSTERIES!